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Virtual Reality Training

We can talk about the tech, but that is not what is important. What is important is how can Virtual Reality Training help you, your team or your organisation!

We like to think of Virtual Reality (VR) as our 7th Sense. VR really has the ability to put people in places or situations that they can not normally experience. 

The experiences that we create by working with you and leveraging the systems you have in place already will be quality.

This is important. Each person that comes into contact with a VR training experience will have the same, quality and consistent training each time.


It is like you have a trainer that is producing her best work on a given day and having that benchmark repeated over and over. There will be no bad days for the trainer!

Employees can get extra reps in tasks that they may not encounter often to help them be better prepared when it does happen.

As an added bonus, this training is scalable and efficient. It can be deployed across your business or organisation by simply sending headsets to the location you need the training to take place.

It is exactly as if you have one on one training but you are hitting many people at once, your only constraint is the number of headsets you possess.

VR TRaining

How does Virtual Reality Training work?

A strange thing happens when you are in an immersive experience. The brain knows that the experience is not real via the power of our frontal lobe.

But, your primal brain and medulla still understand the experience to be true. So you get this wonderful experience that your mind processes as  an actual, real experience. A perfect illustration of how this works is shown here where Road to VR talk to the “Creator of Virtual Tightrope Walk” 

So when your people put on the headset they are getting a level of learning that is not possible with traditional methods such as flat video, checklists or powerpoint.

When to use Virtual Reality Training

Not everything needs VR training though, a lot processes, tasks etc are suited to paper, Video and Powerpoint Training.

We use the RIDE principle. If it is Rare, Impossible, Dangerous or Expensive it is a perfect candidate for VR training

Rare: Training staff on something that happens only occasionally. This could be a rush of customers, shutting down a production line for example.

Impossible: Running Inductions/training that allow people to actually be aware of situations that would normally not be possible without loss to the business such as how to deal with exploding glass in a furnace.

Dangerous: A task that is dangerous to either people or could damage equipment. It is best to have people practice or get reps in VR and make mistakes there than when in the real environment.

Expensive: Taking a workforce out to a remote plant is very expensive. Setting up equipment for the purposes of training can also be very expensive and you do not get to train people on that side of things much at all.

These situations and many are suitable for VR training and can really provide a boost to your workforce’s performance and even Workplace injury rate which has many obvious benefits not to mention the elimination of pain and suffering.

We are only too happy to come in and have a chat with you and see how we can help streamline and boost your training.

If you are interested in using Virtual Reality Training please fill out the following form or give us a call on 1300 850 353.

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Virtual Reality Training
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Virtual Reality Training in your workplace can really pay dividends with higher engagement, higher retention, and potentially fewer mistakes and accidents. We would love to have a chat and see how we can help you.