Sports Training Virtual Reality

Sports Training Virtual Reality

Introducing VRREPS (Virtual Reality Repetitions) -- VRREPS allow athletes to leverage and enhance the proven benefits of Visualisation.  This is developed via a combination of capturing real life physical reps such with Virtual Reality Video and having the athlete view these repsl in Virtual Reaility at a later date.

A number of advantages kick in with VRREPS. The most important is that whilst viewing training or skills sessions in Virtual Reality the athlete’s experiences Functional Equivelance. This means that their mind behaves as if they are actually executing the skill or drill whilst their body is resting.

We have some interesting research that validates VRReps available here. 

Virtual Reality Training

Athletes at the top level spend a lot of time on their craft. This requires lots of physical effort when training skills and team structure. Additionally, a lot of work is put into ensuring their bodies are right, can they compete at a high level for the whole game? And a lot of effort is also put into the mental side of performance.

At AustechVR we bridge that gap between Physical Execution of drills and structures and also the work put into the mental readiness of athletes. 

Providing that mental edge for athletes and teams

The Key is that our solutions do not require any additional physical load to be put onto the player.

After much Validation, by talking to elite Athletes and Coaches we have found that there is a real need for Virtual Reality to fill many gaps and provide enhanced training both mental and skills within elite sporting programs.

A very obvious use of Virtual Reality to assist Athletes is that of getting extra Mental Repetitions on skills such as Set Shot Goal Kicking in AFL or Free Throw Shooting in Basketball.

Quite often it is not that a player cannot execute, it is common that the pressure of the situation and negative self-chatter is leading to them to second guess their ability.

Both of these skills whilst performed in the game after physical load are mental and come down to technique and Routine.  Athletes need to believe that both the Routine and Technique are sound.

In this scenario, we can provide players with an immersive experience within a Virtual Reality headset that shows that athlete succeeding over and over again.

A number of things happen when the athlete is in the experience, they develop a deep belief that if they stick with their routine and technique and focus on the task at hand that they will succeed.

Other areas that we can implement Virtual Reality in within an elite program are:

  • Visualisation and Affirmation Programs
  • Rehab -- Stay mentally sharp with team training and mental repetitions of skills and structures.
  • Opposition Analysis on the field as you are there.
  • Virtual Walk Through of team structures and plays
  • Mental Repetitions of skills and plays
  • Decision Making

So much of what Athletes do is mental, we see Virtual Reality as the perfect tool to provide that extra edge to their mental preparation, week in week out.

If you are involved in an elite sports program we would love to hear from you and see how we can help your program.

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Providing that mental edge for athletes and teams. So much of what Athletes do is mental, we see Virtual Reality as the perfect tool to provide that extra edge to their mental preparation, week in week out.