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Virtual Reality Case Study: Daily Mail Australia

Virtual Reality Case Study Daily Mail Australia know their audience deeply, a large part of this audience so happens to be Generation Z. Gen Zer’s are those born between 1997 through to 2012. The event was called “Spilling the Tea … Read More

Recommended VR Apps

Queen Bohemian Rhapsody Experience:  This is by far the most amazing thing I have seen on my Headset, with the headphones on the sound was astonishing. But the feeling that you were floating in some kind of nirvana watching a … Read More


6 VR Apps for Education

6 VR Apps For Education Educators at all levels from Prep through to University and Vocational courses are utilising the power of Virtual Reality at an increasing rate. To assist educators starting out with VR in the classroom we have … Read More

VeeR 360 Video

VeeR 360 Video

VeeR 360 Video We have a new favorite App and Service. It is called VeeR and if you enjoy or create 360 Video then this app is certainly for you. What is VeeR? Well, VeeR is a network of 360 … Read More

Gorilla Safari VR

Gorilla Safari

Gorilla Safari Ian Redmond takes us on a Virtual Gorilla Safari around the world in a 360-degree documentary on Great Apes and various species of Primates. This Virtual Safari was brought to us by the Born Free Foundation which is a … Read More

Google Spotlight Stories

Spotlight Stories

Google Spotlight Stories Google Spotlight Stories are the latest Virtual Reality Sensation and perfect for our Cardboard VR Headsets. Google Spotlight Stories are simply innovating and immersive stories for Mobile Virtual Reality. It is funny, I say simply innovating! There is … Read More


VR Mac-Pan a Pac-Man Game

VR Mac-Pan a Pac-Man Game Nearly everyone knows of Pac-Man, well I just finished playing a few rounds of VR Mac-Pan and wow it was fun. So, this is a pretty basic game which is why it is so good. … Read More

Heston Blumenthal SBSVR


The Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) is Australia’s most diverse and may we suggest the most interesting Television Service in Australia. They bring us awesome TV, many Radio shows and now an SBSVR App. The SBS is a service that provides … Read More

Cardboard VR Headset

Virtual Reality For Your Marketing Campaign

Virtual Reality is really starting to get some traction worldwide task management tool. You will see that you can leverage the popularity of Virtual Reality for your marketing campaigns. How can you use Virtual Reality for Marketing? AustechVR have had … Read More

Invisible JauntVR

JauntVR App

We came across JauntVR by accident whilst scrolling through the Play Store looking at different VR Apps. I have to say that we were pleasantly surprised! So, we installed this App and loaded it up, slotted the phone into the … Read More