WebAR Experience

Web Augmented Reality Experience

Web Augmented Reality Experience Austechvr recently completed a Web based Augmented Reality Experience for Queensland based Sunwater Dams. Due to the restrictions around Covid-19 the planned open days for 2 dams were cancelled, WebAR turned out to be the solution. … Read More

Metricon Stadium Augmented Reality

WebAR – Web Based Augmented Reality

WebAR — Web-Based Augmented Reality WebAR — Web-Based Augmented Reality is a unique way to create meaningful engagement for your community or customers. 2020 is a time where creating engaging content to either connect with your community, attract events to … Read More

Improving AFL Goal Kicking Virtual Reality

Improve AFL Goal Kicking Virtual Reality AFL is a dynamic and difficult sport that has many skills that athletes need to master, however like every other sport there are certain skills that can be compared across all levels of competition. … Read More

Walmart leads the way with Virtual Reality Training

Training in VR Walmart has just announced a massive rollout of Oculus Go Headsets, 17,000 in fact to all of its stores in the USA. Up until recently, I understand that Walmart was using Virtual Reality (VR) in its Academies … Read More

VR and AR need an Image Shift.

I talk to a lot of people about Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). It seems most people who are aware of both technologies at a surface level think gaming is its purpose. Of course, VR has its roots … Read More

Virtual Insanity covered in Virtual Reality

Jamiroquai’s Virtual Insanity Covered in Virtual Reality What a great idea, sometimes the most obvious things are not done! Thankfully in Chase Holfelder made the connection and took action. Virtual Insanity was brought to life again! The result is amazing – … Read More

Virtual Reality – Its coming

Here is a talk I gave yesterday to a bunch of people that have no knowledge of VR and Immersive Technology. It is very broad and shallow by design but did get the message across on what is possible. You … Read More

Clash of Clans

Top 8 360 Videos of 2017

Top 8 360 Videos of 2017 The most viewed 360 Videos on Youtube that were created in 2017. There is a massive variety here from Mobile Game Marketing Videos through to Music and Minecraft! When watching these videos I groaned … Read More

Wholesale Cardboard Virtual Reality Headsets for Marketing

Wholesale Cardboard VR Headsets for Marketing Looking for that next killer idea for your next event, consider our fantastic Custom Printed Cardboard VR Headsets sold in bulk to you at competitive Wholesale prices. Virtual Reality Technology is now freely accessible to … Read More

Google Art and Culture App

Google Arts and Culture Virtual Reality App

There are always great new Apps being developed by many groups, Google is one that just keeps on giving. This latest Google Arts and Culture App is brilliant and caters to a different audience than one that you would normally associate … Read More