360 degree video

How to watch 360 degree video on your computer

How to Watch 360 Degree Video on your Computer We all know when you watch 360 Video content on your phone that you can easily move the phone around and see all around. You can also use your finger and … Read More

360 still

Shooting 360 Video

Shooting 360 Video At AustechVR we believe that 360 Video going to take Australia by storm. We will detail some handy hints on Shooting 360 Video to ensure you get the best out of your equipment. The major difference between … Read More

Red Virtual Reality Headset

iPhone VR

iPhone VR We get this question asked of us a lot, do your VR Headsets work with iPhone? The answer is, yes! Our VR Headsets work with your iPhone and will provide you with iPhone VR! We have 2 Virtual … Read More

Google Expeditions an amazing VR tool for your school

Google Expeditions an amazing VR tool for your school Imagine, taking your class of 30 to Mt Everest to show them what the Mountain looks like from Base Camp? Well, you can virtually without having to┬ájump on the plane and … Read More