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Augmented Reality Solutions

Augmented Reality Development is something close to our hearts, it is a technology that is coming to age in 2020 and is set to be a big mover throughout the 2020’s.

Why are we so big on Augmented Reality (AR)? Augmented Reality can now be experienced without the need for downloading an application on your phone. Nearly everyone over the age of 11, in Australia, has a mobile phone


WebAR is something we have been working hard on here on the Gold Coast. This puts Austechvr at the forefront of AR development in Australia with most businesses still relying on application-based solutions.

The difference between WebAR and Application based AR is thousands of people experiencing your amazing creation and message. You see, installing an app is increasing as a major point of resistance the longer we have our phones.

We can provide multiple options for how you can reach your audience with AR, it can be direct from the browser through social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and the AR centric Snapchat.

Scan this in Snapchat to experience Mt Tamborine through a AR Portal


Augmented Reality Interactivity

In addition to portals, we can build out many other experiences such as activating anything from books through to buildings and billboards with your AR experience. A good example of this is displayed below where activated the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games report with different media such as video, images, and 3D models.

If you are interested in having Austechvr partner with you for your Augmented Reality Development needs please contact us via the form below or email [email protected]