3D logo

Create your logo in 3D

3D logo’s can really give your brand some real Pop by using the 3D Logo as a fantastic pre-roll to your company videos through to 3D printing your logo to sharing it on social platforms such as Facebook. We can add different effects to your logo such as metallic or wood finishes with wear, rust, chrome etc. The only limit is your imagination and the message your brand is conveying. You can see how effective this is with the example shown below, we have some great effects built into the metallic area of this logo, it has that used look that adds that layer of depth. 

Benefits of a 3D logo

Having Austechvr create a 3D version of your logo really a method to create some spark to your site, you can host it in a similar way you see the logo’s on this page and as mentioned above share it on Facebook for spark to your social. We will also create a 30 second video for you so that you can share on all other platforms and add into your pre-roll of your company videos for that professional look. 


How we convert your 2D logo into 3D

To start the process we will provide you with a questionnaire to assist us in developing your brief for the look and feel of your 3D logo. We have many choices, we can give your logo a metallic, fluid, digital, stone or even an industrial finish. Really any texture that you desire we can build into your logo, it is up to your imagination.

The price to convert your logo into 3D is $300 and that includes the 3D model plus a video of your 3D model that you can use as a pre-roll to create a dynamic introduction to your company videos. 

We can also add extra effects such as animations to your logo for a small cost. 

Austechvr do have experience in building world class 3D Models and our locally based team will ensure that you get the result that you are after. 

If you are interested in having your logo converted to 3D please email [email protected], call us on 1300 850 353 or fill out the form below.