Monthly Archives: September 2018

Walmart leads the way with Virtual Reality Training

Training in VR Walmart has just announced a massive rollout of Oculus Go Headsets, 17,000 in fact to all of its stores in the USA. Up until recently, I understand that Walmart was using Virtual Reality (VR) in its Academies … Read More

Interview with Ryan Atkins from Inside Out

XR Interview with Ryan Atkins – Inside Out. Had the pleasure of having a long chat with Ryan Atkins from Seattle in the USA last week. We ventured into many different topics regarding XR and more importantly the effect it … Read More

Can we help improve AFL goal kicking % with VR

Can we help improve AFL goal kicking % with VR? I think we can! It would be my goal to see an increase of 5% overall, this would be huge for the game, the last time we saw a consistent … Read More

Andre Drummond VR and Free Throw improvement

Virtual Reality in Sport Whilst doing research on the merits of using Virtual Reality for Athletes and Sporting teams we came upon something that made my jaw drop. This was Andre Drummond’s amazing transformation as a Free Throw shooter over … Read More