Magic Leaps not so Magic Demo

We have a bumper line up of very interesting news below, a lot went on in the world of VR, AR or shall we call it XR?

The biggest news item of the week was Magic Leap. Word got out that they would be doing a demo on their weekly twitch show and excitement abounded. Although many were ready for disappointment as Magic Leap has a history of underdelivering on their own Marketing essentially and this, unfortunately, was the case again.

What we got was an experience of a rock guy throwing rocks at you, something that could have been made for Mobile Phone AR. It was not something that got the imagination of a fantastic Magic Leap Future going.

Here is what a lot of the community is feeling at the moment and how the projections of what Magic Leap can do through the passage of time. See a trend in this image? It ain’t getting better that is for sure. 🙂

To be fair, I am generally optimistic and see the best in situations and still hold out hope that Magic Leap can and will deliver on what they have promised.

The most popular 360 Youtube Video of the week was Metallica filmed in Sweden with 168,885 views.

Some news from Around the Traps:

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