Monthly Archives: July 2018

Jack Ryan VR experience at SDCC

An insane VR experience at this years San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) with the Jack Ryan VR experience. This is really other level stuff, I mean watch this video and see what happens. I would have been struggling on that … Read More

Magic Leaps not so Magic Demo

We have a bumper line up of very interesting news below, a lot went on in the world of VR, AR or shall we call it XR? The biggest news item of the week was Magic Leap. Word got out … Read More

VR AR News – 5G Jurassic 360 and more

VR AR News The End of Financial Year is almost upon us, it has been a big month here at AustechVR with record numbers of headsets going out all around the country! We talked a little this week in blog … Read More