Facebook Messenger Bots and Augmented Reality

Facebook has been really driving the adoption of Augmented Reality (AR) for the last year or so. It all started with Snapchat and it’s amazing popularity on the back of its stories that disappeared after 24 hours and more often than not featured AR content. This is why¬†Facebook Messenger Bots and Augmented Reality are going to hot property!

Instagram was at risk of being left in the dust at one point so it did the only smart thing it could, copy Snapchat!

Instagram started with Stories with simple AR overlays which proved quite popular. Because Instagram already had a lion share of the market and it was very easy to follow and find people unlike Snapchat it consolidated its crown of being King in that space.

Also, in parallel Facebook Messenger has been advocating the use of Bots either fully loaded AI or just simpler bots that you can train up to interact with customers whilst you are not available to speak with them.

Elly Hurley a Facebook Chatbot expert from www.NudgeMarketing.com had this to say on the subject!

“The great thing about utilising a Chatbot to automate your Facebook Messenger is it gives you the ability to communicate with your customers on a platform they’re already very comfortable using and it’s instantaneous.

You’re communicating with your customers when they want, not when you’re available. Whats more, the chatbot responds based on the users last action. This could be a button click or typing in a specific word or phrase that triggers a specific reply which gives the user a far better experience.”

These have been really growing in popularity and it is not hard to see why. Particularly with Facebook Pages having almost no Organic Reach you can talk with your Facebook list directly via promotions and other means.

The next exciting feature Facebook has been working on is the ability to share 3D content in the standard news feed. Now we have a few things that combine, 3D Models, AR and Messenger.

There is the ability to advertise a 3D AR Model directly to consumers via Messenger! This is super powerful and has the ability to have your message and brand go Viral if you create something brilliant.

See below how Nike has used this merging of technologies in Facebook Messenger.

Even though Facebook has had its issues of late, we cannot see the user base going anywhere soon which means that Messenger is fast becoming an amazing Marketing Tool!

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