Augmented Reality Business Cards

Augmented Reality Business Card

Augmented reality Business Cards

Augmented Reality is a looming giant that will take the business world wide by storm from 2018 onward.

To get more people talking about Augmented Reality we created a great little App that has a Viking Barbarian spinning around atop waiting to cut off anyone’s fingers that dare to touch the card.

Below is Ragnar the Viking Barbarian spinning on my Business Card! 🙂

AustechVR can produce Augmented Reality Business Cards for your business, they are fun and prove to be a great ice-breaker when networking.

We believe that Augmented Reality via the way of mobile phones at the moment and Magic Leap moving forward will dramatically change the landscape for both Business and Pleasure alike.

Have a look at this video below which shows a demo form the new yet to be released Magic Leap Headset. We will be able to set up amazing workspaces or look at objects that we have never really been able to look at in a third dimension. It will also bring entertainment in the form of the NBA for example or games to us in a whole new level.

So Augmented Reality is coming and knocking on our doors now, it is time to start becoming aware of the endless possibilities that this amazing and limitless technology provides.



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