Virtual Reality – Its coming

Here is a talk I gave yesterday to a bunch of people that have no knowledge of VR and Immersive Technology.

It is very broad and shallow by design but did get the message across on what is possible.

You can see that I have combined VR and 360 Video to help them connect the industry as a whole.

This approach worked really well, the audience left excited for what is possible in our industry. 🙂


Virtual Reality – It’s Coming!

Virtual Reality! The term most likely conjures up images of young, sweaty pimply faced men playing games and eating pizza under fluorescent lights.

It is anything but that.

Perhaps you see it as a type of Science Fiction, far off ideas that don’t really have a purpose – Yet!

Or, you have not thought about it much at all.

VR was first seen back in 1838, a device called the StereoScope was created! It has taken quite a while to get where we are now. We have had wait, and wait and wait for technology to catch up – which it has.

We can now create content and experiences that actually are immersive.

What is immersive?

Hands up who has had Dejavu here?

I remember the first time I had Dejavu like it was yesterday.

I was in grade 4, sitting at assembly looking at the principle side on from down below. What stood out was the glasses and big nose! When I actually saw this in real life and recognised that I had actually seen this previously, somewhere. Most likely in a dream, it stuck with me.

When you have had a training session in VR on a type of technology you have never seen or touched. The next day you actually have a hands-on session – Well there is your Dejavu, you have been here and done this but ——— You actually haven’t.

Well, that is the best way to describe how it feels to experience VR?

With Traditional media such as images, movies, drawings and words you find that you interpret the story or experience via the way of your previous experiences and your imagination.

Simply put, your consciousness interprets traditional media. We can be reading about a yellow birdcage and I guarantee every one of us will paint a picture of a different yellow birdcage!

VR and Immersive Media does allow you to interpret Media in this traditional way, in VR your Consciousness is the medium! (Thanks to Chris Milk for this amazing way of describing this)

You see the scene exactly as it has been designed to see it, just like this room! It is what it is and we all see the same thing.

We are conscious of our environment right now.

It is important to remember that in VR, your Consciousness is the medium!

Looking at a Video as opposed to being in a VR Video is a huge difference.

There is technology around now that enables me to walk through video!

Not just walking through pictures that are stitched together but actually walking through a video. I could put my headset on and walk through this space as I give this talk, looking at everyone and everything as if I am there and no-one else knows that.

Think of the possible uses of Video that can actually do this? We do not even know what is possible with this yet, we are in the same spot Charlie Chaplin was back in the early days of film.

—— Talk about the way we tell stories!!!!! Over time – and how VR can change that. —-

So where can we actually use VR in our day to day lives now?

Well I can tell you right now it is being used in

  • Training
  • Medicine
  • Education
  • Marketing
  • Entertainment (Films and Games)
  • Military
  • Sporting Teams
  • Architecture

Training is massive, you can actually have people train in VR and have no risk of breaking expensive equipment or if you are doctor killing a patient.

This stuff is already happening, these are things we can now.

We are only beginning to figure out what we can do and how we can do it.

But one thing is certain – Virtual Reality – Its coming.

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