Oculus Go and HTC Vive Focus

Vive Focus

Oculus Go and HTC Vive Focus

A few weeks ago OC4 took place and there were loads of amazing Keynote speeches and announcements.

Amongst those announcements was information on the Oculus Go and also the even more exciting prospect -- Project Santa Cruze which is due for release in late 2018.

Tomorrow in Beijing it is rumored that we will find out more information regarding the new Vive Standalone Headset reportedly being named the Vive Focus. Both HTC and Lenevo are building a headset with inside-out positional tracking for the Daydream Platform.

So things are certainly looking good for anyone interested in VR with untethered devices making their way onto the landscape and very reasonable prices.

Let us look the Oculus offerings.

Oculus Go

This amazing headset will be priced at $199USD which is a very good price for what this headset is and offers. It should be released at the start of 2018 so not long to wait.

The Go will feature the best apps from the Gear from day 1 so there will be loads of Apps and Content to keep you busy.

It has amazing visual clarity which is something that all VR Headsets have to improve and I am sure they will over time. The lenses are the Next Generation of VR Optics from what is on the Oculus Rift now and has a fast-switch LCD Display.

As an added Bonus it has Spatial Audio built into the headset which is a big deal!

Project Santa Cruz is very exciting, we really do not know how far the inside-out tracking will go as it is still a little fuzzy. But the Santa Cruz is going to be the bridge between the Go and the Rift.

I am really on board what Oculus and Facebook are doing for Virtual Reality, they have struck first blood with the Go and it is now up to HTC and their Vive Focus to better them.

HTC Vive Focus

How will HTC present content, what Apps are going to be available right away? What features will the headset have and is it better than the Go?  Another big question, when will it be available? I think if they release the new HTC headset much later than the Go then HTC will be behind in this market unless of course, it is superior in every way you may get people opting to wait.

Will it come in at around the same price, Oculus has really been putting downward force on the price of headsets recently so it will be interesting to see if HTC can do the same.


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