How to watch 360 degree video on your computer

360 degree video

How to Watch 360 Degree Video on your Computer

We all know when you watch 360 Video content on your phone that you can easily move the phone around and see all around. You can also use your finger and easily swipe left to right and really navigate to whatever place easily.

What about when you are in youtube on your computer? I have seen loads of people trying to grab at the video with their mouse and moving it around and that does not seem to work very well.

What you need to be doing in Youtube is clicking with your mouse onto the 360 navigation circle on the top left of the 360 degree video.

Of course it is much better to watch immersive video in a VR Headset but that is not always practical.

Once you have clicked on that you can use your keyboard arrows to then look left or right or up and down. This creates a more enjoyable and seamless experience for watching 360 content on your computer.

Give it a go on the Clash of Clans 360 video on youtube now!

Vimeo is much the same but a lot easier. You see with Youtube, you must click on that circle navigation area before using your keyboard arrows.

With Vimeo, just start playing the 360 video and you can begin spinning around with your keyboard arrows without clicking. Although if somehow you cannot spin around with the keyboard arrows you still have the circle navigation area to click on and activate on the right hand side of the video. Test it out on the video below!

360 Brisbane Eye from AustechVR on Vimeo.

Of course it is much better to watch immersive video in a VR Headset but that is not always practical.

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