Cardboard VR the Perfect Marketing Giveaway

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Cardboard VR the Perfect Marketing Giveaway

The Cardboard VR Headset, the perfect marketing giveaway product! We help hundreds of businesses across Australia increase brand awareness and loyalty by the way of our Custom Cardboard VR Headsets.

Our Cardboard Headsets are often sought after a business prepares a Marketing Experience that contains Immersive 360 Content. This can be in the way of a short 360-Degree film or Advert for themselves or clients through to progressive Real Estate Agents and Developers that utilise 3D 360-Degree Virtual Tours.

The Cardboard VR is the perfect device in to get those experiences or have people teleport in a way to your location. You see, once you look at a 360-Degree experience in VR mode, it really is as if you are there.

The benefit of getting your own Custom Cardboard VR Headsets made up is that you can convey any message or feeling you want on them. From a simple logo and company colours through to complicated patterns and designs or even photographs overlaid with creative work.

The Cardboard VR Headset does last for quite a while, I have been using the same headset for nearly a year and it is still fine. So, someone is given your Headset at an event with your branding and messaging on it, they take it home.

Other people such as family and friends may want to have a go all the while your specific messaging is front and centre providing a feeling of cutting edge technology and excitement. What a wonderful feeling for someone to have about yours or your customers brand, you cannot get that with the traditional USB sticks with catalogs stuffed onto them.

So, here are some points in why Custom Cardboard Headsets are the perfect marketing giveaway.

  • Allow people to be immersed into your world and have them excited to experience this.
  • Provide fun and excitement with your marketing.
  • Provide Exposure, people actually look at the design and take in your brand and messaging.
  • Shows your company to be fresh and innovative as you are using such a new exciting technology
  • This, in turn, shows that your business is on or ahead of the curve.

If you are interested in speaking to us about Custom Cardboard VR Headsets please fill out the form on this page or send an email to [email protected] or call on 1300 850 353.

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