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Red Virtual Reality Headset

iPhone VR

We get this question asked of us a lot, do your VR Headsets work with iPhone? The answer is, yes! Our VR Headsets work with your iPhone and will provide you with iPhone VR!

We have 2 Virtual Reality Headsets suited to the iPhone. the one we recommend is our amazing

The VR Headset we recommend is our amazing VRGo Headset. It is completely portable, has amazingly clear Lenses for the best possible experience and also allows your camera to be visible which will really help when Apple starts using Augmented Reality.

Our VRGo Virtual Reality Headsets are priced very attractively and will provide you with the perfect solution when trying VR iPhone.

The next Headset we have that works with your iPhone is the Cardboard VR Headset. These come in at $15 and offer you a basic entry level experience and is perfect for viewing 360 Video or many Virtual Reality Experiences available on iTunes.

This is perfect if you have a bunch of people you are buying for or you need a Custom Virtual Reality Solution for your next event. The Cardboard VR Headset can have a massive impact on your Marketing and will suit iPhone and Android phones so no-one misses out.VR Iphone

With the iPhone being so popular here in Australia we are finding more and more people are searching for the perfect VR Headset for iPhone VR.

The prerequisites for experiencing VR on your iPhone is that you must have iOS 8.0 or above. Essentially any iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone SE or above comes with iOS 9 and is ok, we believe that even the iPhone 5 should work although they are a little on the small side.

VR iPhone

We also offer a VR Shinecon Bluetooth Remote Control that you can pair with your iPhone and enjoy many VR games. If you do a search in iTunes for iCade VR you will find many games that will allow you to use this handy Remote Control.

Choose AustechVR as your iPhone VR Provider.


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