Google VR Teams up with HTC Vive

Google VR

Google VR and HTC Vive

A lot has been announced by google at it’s annual Google I/O conference and it was all good for Google VR. At the time of writing this, we are only halfway through Day 2!

Let us start with the news that HTC and Google are both partnering up to create a new standalone VR Headset that will be powered by Daydream. Lenovo is also working with Google to create its own standalone VR Headset as well.


We are all hoping that this brings a full and complete Virtual Reality Experience without being tethered to a high powered graphics card in a computer like the amazing HTC Vive or Oculus Rift Headsets. As you can see by the video below it looks very sleek so it will be awesome to get our hands on these headsets when they do come out and see what they can do.

Now, will we get 6 Degrees of Freedom? (6DoF) Google announced that these new systems will be using a positional tracking system called WorldSense which improve tracking by a fair way over previous Daydream devices.

Worldsense is built with an inside-out tracking technology that means that external sensors are not used. This will improve immersion into the VR world you are experiencing over the phone based experience many are used too.

Will it be Vive like? The jury is out, I am sure that there will be more information filtering out on the interwebs as the release date comes closer. Take a look at what Google show us in the promo below, it shows that we can dodge and move our heads. I am sure accesories for hands and hopefully feet will be released to allow more movement.

But there is more, WorldSense also maps the world around you. Check out this animation that was released day 1 of Google I/O. This is very cool and opens up a lot of possibilities for these new headsets and technology.

The price of these new devices will be similar to what the HTC Vive is now. The great thing is that you do not need to buy a PC and install a high powered Graphics Card into it. Also, there will be no installation factors such as laying cables etc when preparing your VR area. In fact your VR Area can be anywhere you please.

Google VR Teams up with HTC Vive
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Google VR Teams up with HTC Vive
HTC and Google are both partnering up to create a new standalone VR Headset that will be powered by Daydream and what you will see below will make you happy
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