Virtual Reality For Your Marketing Campaign

Cardboard VR Headset

Virtual Reality is really starting to get some traction worldwide task management tool. You will see that you can leverage the popularity of Virtual Reality for your marketing campaigns.

How can you use Virtual Reality for Marketing?

AustechVR have had many clients take up the option of using Fully Branded Cardboard VR Headsets for events in 2016. Your customer immediately has a higher level of excitement at your event. They may know a little about VR but do not actually know what it can do. Or they could know a lot and are eager to show off it’s capabilities to others.

With the Cardboard VR Headsets you utilise the power of the attendees Smartphones. When the customer leaves the event, they will keep their Cardboard Headset that has your branding or the events branding printed onto the outside for everyone to see.

This sure beats handing out the usual pens, notepads, USB drives and the like. You can even produce your own VR or 360 video content to compliment your custom headsets.

A little history on VR and why the time for headsets such as the Cardboard VR is here!

Virtual Reality (VR) has been around for a long time in one form or another, it all started in 1838 when Charles Wheatstone showed that the brain can process 2 different 2D images on each eye to create an object of 3 Dimensions. If you are interested in the history of VR read more here. http://www.vrs.org.uk/virtual-reality/history.html


VR has really begun to hit it’s straps just recently with technology leaping ahead via the amazingly powerful smartphones that are being produced. Smartphones have enabled developers to produce content and implement techniques once only thought possible on the larger more expensive Fully Featured VR Headsets.

A few years ago, you could buy a Cardboard VR  Headsets . version 1 headset that needed to be assembled before use. Only then to discover a handful of Apps and limited content available for you to consume.

Enter 2016 and beyond, we have had over 10 million downloads of the Google Cardboard App. We have over 360,000 hours of 360 VR Video on the 360 channel at Youtube along with 1.9 million subscribers. We have thousands of Apps and games for the Cardboard VR which include loads of free ones ready for use.

Video content, in particular is where VR is pushing ahead for the Mobile market, also games and experiences provide the Google Cardboard user with hours of fun and excitement.

With 2016 nearly behind us, think of your next event in 2017 and contact us for more information on how to get your headsets. We specialise in bulk Custom Cardboard Virtual Reality Headsets.

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