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With all the Talk about Mars One and Elon Musk’s latest AMA about Mars we thought it would be a great idea to find the best Mars Virtual Reality experience out there right now. This search led us to VR Mars, a great little app that allows you to experience a little of what it would be like to land on Mars.

We started our VR Mars experience with Story Mode, you have just crash landed on Mars and you are the only one there! This would be a terrifying experience, there is no one there to assist you, how do you drink, eat or survive?

Anyway, you find that your ship is not really in the best shape and you go through a few steps which includes finding a way to contact earth until you hit a destination that will assist you.

This would be a terrifying experience, there is no one there to assist you, how do you drink, eat or survive?

The navigation is by buttons that are activated when you focus on them for a period of time which seems to be the normal way things are moving. There is also navigation below you, when you look down you see the option to walk, stand or run.

VR Mars Explore

But moving by foot is not the only option, you can also jump on a big truck left from another mission and cruise around in that. As well as the story mode you also have free mode so you can really get in and explore Mars without constraint.

The version of Mars the team has created is quite realistic as far as I can tell, although I have never been to Mars. 🙂

The one thing that strikes me is the mountains on the horizon and hills here and there, is this what it would really be like? If so, then how did these mountains come to be, is there tectonic movement just like Earth? Loads of questions ran through my mind as I was walking around this environment.

Another thing I enjoy doing when in a Virtual Reality Experience on the Moon, Pluto or Mars is looking at the sun to see how it actually looks from a further distance and with a different atmosphere.

The sun on Mars looks bigger but not as intense which is probably only half right. It should look smaller you would think.

But all in all this is a fun that is well worth the download. 



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