Google Expeditions an amazing VR tool for your school

Google Expeditions an amazing VR tool for your school

Imagine, taking your class of 30 to Mt Everest to show them what the Mountain looks like from Base Camp? Well, you can virtually without having to jump on the plane and then taking a Yak to Base Camp. Of course it saves us parents a few dollars too, I could just start to imagine the fees for that excursion!

How it works is pretty simple. A teacher will open up the Google Expeditions App on a Tablet or phone and select the role of guide, you then select your expedition. Lets stick with Mt Everest. Before you go on your expedition you need some explorers to come along with you. This is where your students come into it.

Your students will then open up the expedition app on their devices and because they are on the same network as you, the guide they will then be able to join your expedition to Mt Everest.

Once they have chosen to join the expedition they will just need to select the Cardboard VR Headset as their preferred method of viewing and slot the device into the Cardboard VR Headset and they are ready to go.

Once the students start exploring dialogue comes up on the Guide device which gives you a little more information on this location. Also, you as the guide get an option to select certain points of interest within the Expedition, and it will then place an arrow on the students device to guide them to the area you are talking about right now.

The guys at EdTech 4 Beginners put together this great example of how it works.

Imagine the power in this, your students are sitting right there looking at Mt Everest in Virtual Reality and you are going through various facts about Base Camp. That is as close you can get to taking your class on an excursion without actually going.

The students are in the situation as they would be when on a normal excursion, they can look anywhere they please and explore freestyle and you can then highlight certain area’s in the expedition.

This is certain to excite your class and provide a much more exciting opportunity to learn about many important places around this large and diverse world.

Get the Google Expeditions App for free here! 

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