Top 9 360 Degree Youtube Videos 2016

With Virtual Reality really gaining some traction in 2016 so has the quantity and quality of 360 Degree video on places like Youtube. We bring you the Top 9 360 Degree Videos of 2016.

These video’s work perfectly with our Google Cardboard Headsets!

We have got to say that it was fun researching this article and hope you have a blast immersing yourself into these clips too. Why 9 videos you ask? Well, there is a bit of a drop off on views as you get deeper into the list. It will be interesting to see how many views and how deep those views go in 2017. 

1: Clash of Clans 360: Experience a Virtual Raid

Views 44,587,216

Yes that is right, a toch under 45 million veiws! 45 million, that is insane. This video gives us loads of goodies! We get Giants, Wall Breakers, Hog Riders and Dragons plus loads of fighting rubble and explosions. Pretty much what you want in a 360 video.

2: Experience Youtube in #SnoopaVision

Views 30,987,883

This is a fun little video brought out by Youtube to show that you can watch any video in 360 via Youtube. Oh, Snoopdogg also had a little bit to do with this, with his SnoopaVision!

  1. Dubai. Here you are -- Dubai 360 Video

Views 19,448,522

This is an absolute stunning video! It showcases the best of Dubai in what only 360 video could by taking you through a one day schedule of what Dubai has to offer. After watching this you should be on searching for plane tickets to Dubai, it looks marvelous.

  1. Get Barreled in Tahiti with Samsung Gear VR, C.J. Hobgood

Views 16,844,364

You can see why this video is so popular. We get stunning scenery then as an added bonus we get to surf some wonderful waves a few feet above a reef. That is right, if you look down whilst riding a wave you will see the reef! How amazing is that? A beautiful video that makes you wish you were in Tahiti right now!

  1. Mega Coaster: Get ready for the drop (360 Video)

Views 12,400,807

This is what VR grew off the back of. Roller Coasters in Apps and Video. This is a very big and very scary Roller Coaster but unfortunately for me I cannot get through the video. Motion sickness gets hold of me pretty quickly here! Worth a go to see if the same happens to you.

  1. Great White Sharks 360 Video 4K!! -- Close encounter on Amazing Virtual Reality Dive

Views 7,537,160

This is a wonderful experience. It begins with you underwater with a school of fish when all of a sudden you see it! A great White Shark, and a big one at that coming straight for you.

That is not all though, we get to see inside the shark and see how it senses its prey! A Fantastic visual representation of 360 video but the cherry on top is the educational function of the short film.

  1. Experience the Blue Angels in 360 Video

Views 5,905,881

As you would expect, a very cool experience. Imagine sitting in the cockpit of the Blue Angels whilst they go through one of their acrobatic routines. Let me tell you these guys are talented, I know I just spent 8 minutes in the cockpit with them.

Well, you have that opportunity, look left, right up and down, there is something to keep you amazed the whole time. Sit back and enjoy.

  1. The Conjuring 2 -- Experience Enfield VR 360 [HD]

Views 5,847,118

The Conjuring 2 movie brought out this clever video. What a great marketing ploy which is enough to scare someone like me who does not do with Horror. Get your eyes into this and see what you think.

  1. 360 | Five Nights at Freddy’s

Views 5,581,305

This is a long creepy and scary video. I have to say that you spend a lot of time spinning around in this searching for clues of what is in the house or about to appear. As I mentioned above, I do not do well with scary type of material so I was glad when this baby was over.

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