VR Noir A choose your own adventure Interactive Movie

VR Noir

We all remember the choose your own adventure books from childhood, you would get to the end of a page and decide will you go down path A or B. Eventually these choices would give you a unique story dependent on your choices. Well, Australian company StartVR has created VR Noir and taken this idea and built it into a short detective thriller designed for Virtual Reality

The purpose of this article is to share with you a cool Virtual Reality Experience and also to get you thinking of where this Technology will end up taking us.

I did not know what to expect but can tell you that we were all pleasantly surprised. As the movie started we found ourselves in an office looking around, it was here that we discovered that you can interact with different objects by looking at them which acts as a nifty way of navigating through the experience.

On navigation, an outstanding idea was when you are looking at a building with your camera and you were scanning each and every window searching for your target. This is where short movies and Gaming are coming together, it was very innovative.

We also were surprised when we found ourselves talking to a prospective client and we could choose how we were to respond with another cool and intuitive menu option. You will find that the choices you make here have a big impact on how things move forward for you!

Because of the choices we made we found ourselves startled by the ending which did not follow the usual script, it was refreshing to have an ending that we did not really see coming.

Virtual Reality is really changing how content is being produced. StartVR are just scratching the surface of what will come down the track. Short and long movies such as this will become more complex and entertaining as this technology matures and becomes the norm.

I would recommend downloading this, going through it a few times and then keeping an eye on what the Guys and Gals at StartVR create moving forward. You can download the experience here.

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