Google Daydream Virtual Reality

Google Daydream is Googles next foray into the Virtual Reality World. AustechVR understands that Google will still push ahead with the Google Cardboard Apps but are rolling out the higher end Daydream Headset with platform.  

A couple of points of interest! From Android N and onwards phones will be built with Daydream in mind and will feature VR Mode built into the core of the phone! This is a big step in the world of Virtual Reality.

Google Daydream will have a comfortable VR Viewer with Controller and will also have a purpose built and intuitive interface for you to operate your favourite Apps from.


Our sources tell us that Daydream should roll out on the 4th October 2016 so not long to go. 

Google are customising a YouTube experience for daydream and with so many 360 video’s available now and that number exploding this is a massive step.  Youtube has the largest collection of VR Video’s on the planet at the moment so this will become a favorite App on Daydream.  

This new version of Youtube that has been built from the ground up will be of great interest to all VR fans!

The Daydream will also be different from the Google Cardboard App where you currently load the App then slide it into your Headset, everything will be done via the Daydream Menu with your phone docked into the Daydream Headset.

Our sources tell us that Daydream should roll out on the 4th October 2016 so not long to go.

The range of Apps that will be integrated into Daydream seem to be high-end as well. Companies like<a href="http://www.mlb click site.com”> MLB.com (Major League Baseball), NBA, CNN, Netflix, WSJ, Hulu and HBO (Although us Aussies will not be able to watch Hulu and HBO) are ready to to go within Daydream!

The Google Daydream Headset and Controller

In addition to these massive companies working with Google we also have reports of Youtubers such as Justine Ezarik and the Dolan Twins have been working with Google to create new original content for the Daydream platform.

What price do we think the Daydream Headset will come in at? AustechVR think it will be around the same price as the Samsung Gear, it will be competing against this device so it is unlikely that it will be much higher in price.

Phone compatibility will be an issue early on, for example my Samsung Galaxy 6 will not be able to run Daydream. check out the video below and it will go into depth of what specs are needed to run this new exciting platform.

I bet you are as excited as we are about Daydream and cannot wait for it to drop. AustechVR will be working hard to get our hands on the new Headsets so you can experience Daydream first hand.


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