Stranger Things 360 Horror Video

Stranger Things Netflix

I had not heard of the show Stranger Things from Netflix but I found it on Youtube as a 360 video. Stranger Things is a Horror set in the 1980’s. I am not sure if it was because I was watching this at 5:30 on a cool winters morning but I got Goosebumps watching it. Obviously this is best watched on your Google Cardboard Headset as you are able to spin around and get the full effect of the surprise.

The scene is dark, the house is setup with all these weird fairy lights! There are noises somewhere but you cannot see where they are, you quickly scan around the room but nothing jumps out. Slowly you make your way to another room and the phone rings! You look behind you to the phone and head towards it, they tell you it is inside the house and to turn around. This is the experience this short 360 video provides and it is effective.

Anyway, enjoy, just thought we would share this short 360 piece.

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