Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR App

Apollo 15 mission on the moon

Apollo 15 Virtual Reality App

We are descending onto the surface of the moon, you can hear the jets guiding your Luna pod toward the grey surface! We land then you exit the pod and slide down the stairs, you look out and you can see Earth floating before you! This is the experience of the Apollo 15 Moon Landing Virtual Reality App. Going through this process drives home how brave these Astronauts were, in space and alone!

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Once you are on the Moon follow the basic navigation prompts to help you put together the Luna Rover and then explore. I found myself drawn toward the Earth floating in the black sky, it was not a full Earth but more a Half Earth. Imagine being there looking at that for real? Well this is the next best thing. The other surprising thing is the Sun, it looks distinctively different from how it is on Earth, I wonder if it is really like that?

I found myself drawn toward the Earth floating in the black sky, it was not a full Earth but more a Half Earth

Driving the Rover is quite easy, once you are started you turn by which direction you look. The Moon surface is very hilly and the craters are many so be careful when driving around, we don’t want to lose you out there. I actually took advantage of the lack of gravity by driving off craters and catching some air, really fun. The most amazing fact that I learnt at the end of my time on the Moon was that one of the Astronauts spent 2 days solid on the Moon!

Imagine that.

You can read more about the Apollo 15 mission here, it is quite the story online task manager. At the bottom of this Wikipedia post there is a bunch of video from that Moon landing and mission. One of the coolest videos is of an Astronaut testing Galileo’s theory by dropping a Hammer and Feather and seeing which one hits the ground first.

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