Google Arts and Culture Virtual Reality App

Google Art and Culture App

There are always great new Apps being developed by many groups, Google is one that just keeps on giving. This latest Google Arts and Culture App is brilliant and caters to a different audience than one that you would normally associate with Virtual Reality (VR).

This App can be used independently to search and find information on your favorite artist or the colour yellow in expressionist art! I have been on a few of the VR tours in my Cardboard VR Headset. The first tour was of Robin Island Prison in South Africa which once was home to Nelson Mandela. I have also been on a tour of the Dulwich Picture Gallery which was fascinating.

There are many other tours that you can complete whilst you are wearing your Cardboard VR Headset such as a Virtual Tour of the Street Art scene in Rome. Or if you prefer a tour around the ancient Greek temple, Zues!

As well as this you also have a function called an Art Recognizer! To use this you simply point your phone at a painting in say the Dulwich Picture Gallery that we mentioned earlier and it will give you all the info on that piece of work. This function is limited to only select Museum’s and Gallery’s around the globe. This will will soon grow to include more and more locations so watch this space.

This App is brand new and does suffer from some thin information here and there but it will certainly fill out and become a valuable companion on your phone. You cannot beat it when you feel like throwing your Cardboard VR Headset on and touring an art location. It is Apps like this that really are useful that show how useful that this technology is getting. Art and Culture is important, you can now be with it at all times!

You cannot beat it when you feel like throwing your Cardboard VR Headset on and touring an art location

We do recommend installing this App and enjoying everything it has to offer. You can read more on this App via Google’s Blog Post on the Art and Culture App. You can get this App either at the Itunes Store or Google Play Store.

Sit back and enjoy the video.

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