Monthly Archives: July 2016

Apollo 15 mission on the moon

Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR App

Apollo 15 Virtual Reality App We are descending onto the surface of the moon, you can hear the jets guiding your¬†Luna pod toward the grey surface! We land then you exit the pod and slide down the stairs, you look … Read More

Take a trip to Mars on a School Bus with extreme Virtual Reality

Here at AusTechVR we love hearing about awesome uses of Virtual Reality Technology and this is one of them. Imagine, sitting on a school bus and then looking out the window and seeing Mars! This is what Lockheed Martin did … Read More

A stroll through Vincent Van Gogh’s world via Virtual Reality

We happened upon this great YouTube Video and it is very interesting this page. It shows a kid strolling through some of the worlds painted by Vincent Van Gogh. I am not a big art fan but it is curious … Read More

Google Art and Culture App

Google Arts and Culture Virtual Reality App

There are always great new Apps being developed by many groups, Google is one that just keeps on giving. This latest Google¬†Arts and Culture App is brilliant and caters to a different audience than one that you would normally associate … Read More