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Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality -- Unlike anything you have experienced before

Community engagement and event attraction to the next level, we build unique and memorable experiences that are frictionless, easy to use and get results. Forget video and book campaigns to engage your community or attract events to your city. Web based Augmented Reality and bespoke Virtual Reality experiences bring you to them better than any other medium on the market.

Virtual Reality

Web based Augmented Reality

Put yourself ahead of everyone else by building beautiful and engaging content that creates amazing engagement rates. Bring you to the world!

No App Needed

Reduce the friction, no app downloads mean more eyes on your experience - Access for everyone

3 Billion

The number of mobile devices that can run your WebAR experience

Complex engaging experiences

Create and deliver meaningful, beautiful, complex content that offers a different perspective

Success metric

Success is engagement and how many people interact with your experience. WebAR gives you the toolkit to supercharge your message

Community and Fan Engagement with cutting edge technology

Facebook, Instagram, booklets, pamphlets and traditional media just do not cut through the noise any more. If you are looking to get your message out to many people, WebAR is the solution, it becomes viral, people love interacting with it.

If you are a sporting team looking to bring relevant content to your fans at your stadium, you can use WebAR to integrate stadium navigation, food delivery and fan engagement, WebAR is a great solution.  You can also connect to fans world wide with amazing 3 dimensional digital assets, bringing the team experience to them, directly. 

Community engagement is another space that we excel in. Create fantastic campaigns that really do get people talking and sharing, and importantly getting your messaging out there.

Our team are experienced and expert at Virtual Reality development. Our staff are all Gold Coast based and able to build bespoke Virtual Reality applications and or experiences from the Ground up.

Austechvr are specialists in building Augmented Reality experiences for maximum impact and the highest of quality. WebAR is a technology that will enable super high engagement and maximum impact. We build from ground up, including all the 3 dimensional assets that are unique to your experience. 

Austechvr proudly produce amazing quality 3D models from our base here on the Gold Coast. We can create models for your Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences, games and even for 3D printing. 

Austechvr provide Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Consulting services. Our team has many years of experience in the Immersive media space and can assist you in planning and building your project

Austechvr has extensive experience using Virtual Reality in training athletes. There are many benefits of using Virtual Reality in training athletes, from accelerated learning outcomes without extra load to managing injury and increasing pattern recognition. Contact us for information.

Body Science Shred AR

Body Science and Austechvr launches Augmented Reality Experience

Body Science and Austechvr launches Augmented Reality Experience. We are proud to share the experience that we have built alongside Australia’s leading health and supplement manufacturer, Body Science. Over the last few weeks the Austechvr team has been working hard … Read More

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WebAR Experience

Web Augmented Reality Experience

Web Augmented Reality Experience Austechvr recently completed a Web based Augmented Reality Experience for Queensland based Sunwater Dams. Due to the restrictions around Covid-19 the planned open days for 2 dams were cancelled, WebAR turned out to be the solution. … Read More

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Metricon Stadium Augmented Reality

WebAR -- Web Based Augmented Reality

WebAR — Web-Based Augmented Reality WebAR — Web-Based Augmented Reality is a unique way to create meaningful engagement for your community or customers. 2020 is a time where creating engaging content to either connect with your community, attract events to … Read More

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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality for Marketing

Augmented Reality for Marketing. At the time of writing this, we are in the midst of the Covid-19 lockdown. When we emerge we need to all we can to get the economy moving again. Austechvr is based on the Gold … Read More

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Improving AFL Goal Kicking Virtual Reality

Improve AFL Goal Kicking Virtual Reality AFL is a dynamic and difficult sport that has many skills that athletes need to master, however like every other sport there are certain skills that can be compared across all levels of competition. … Read More

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